Town Of Brutus

Town Clerk and Vital Records Registrar

Angela M. Skellington, Town Clerk & Registrar

PO Box 720
9021 N. Seneca Street
Weedsport, NY 13166
Annual Appointment.

The Town Clerk's Office has a number of responsiblities including

·Attending all Town Board Meetings

·Cash Control Officer--oversees the daily collection of fees, transactions, preparation of vouchers for expenditures, receipts for revenues, disbursements to state and county agencies and Town Supervisor

·Election Coordinator for Primary and General Elections

·Inter-office Computer Maintenance 

·Issues Disabled Parking Tags

·Issues State Licenses for Marriages, Dogs, Hunting and Fishing, Games of Chance, Bingo, etc.

·Litigation Issues

·Monthly Reports (DECALS, DOG, MARRIAGE, WATER) 

·Maintaining/Managing Office Calendar

·Maintaining Oath Book

·Maintaining Town Website

·Preparing Town Board Agenda/Meeting Minutes

·Preparing Town Newsletter

·Processes Official Paperwork required for Town Codes/Laws, etc

·Records Maintenance Officer--Custodian of all Town Records and Freedom Of Information (FOIL) Requests

·Recycling/Trash Permits for access into the Village DPW Facility

·Works directly with Town Supervisor, Town Board Members, Highway Superintendent, Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer, Town Engineer and the Weedsport School District on various involved projects.  Projects include (but are not limited to): Establishing, Monitoring and Maintaining Town Water Districts (WD#1, WD#2, WD#3, WD#4, WD#6/SD#1, WD#7, WD#8, WD#9) in connection with the Cayuga County Health Dept and Cayuga County Water & Sewer Authority; Grants; Emergency Management; Intermunicipal Agreements/Contracts; Public Safety/Security; Town Park/Trails; Municipal Electric & Gas; Financial (Dept of Labor, NYS Comptroller); Building and Road Maintenance; Street Lighting; Community related projects.


·The Town Clerk serves as Registrar of Vital Statistics--maintains birth, death and marriage records, issues burial transit permits, handles genealogy requests. 


·The Town Clerk serves as Tax Collector--responsible for the collection of County/Town taxes from January 1st to March 31st.     

Hours of Operation:
The Town Clerk office is open Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7am-5pm;Friday 7am-3:30pm (closed for lunch on Fridays only noon-1pm).  The office is always closed on Monday.
Deputy Clerk and Deputy Registrar
Vicki L. Hickey
9021 N. Seneca Street
PO Box 720
Weedsport, NY 13166
Phone: 315-834-9398
Fax: 315-834-9381
Annual Appointment
There is a $10 fee for each application.   Please contact the office prior to submitting a request in order to insure that we have the record. Thank you.