Town Of Brutus

New York State Environmental Quality Review

Purpose of SEQR:  A NYS requirement in which a government agency (Town/Village Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeal, etc) considers the possible environmental impacts of an action (construction, planning and policy making, adopting rules, regulations or procedures, or any combination of items listed previously) on land, air, water, minerals, flora--plants, fauna--animals, noise, resources of agricultural--farming of crops and/or livestock, archeological (ancient life and culture) by excavating possible artifacts, historic or aesthetic (beauty) significance, population patterns, community character, human health, possible impacts of a zoning change, site plan, variances, special use permits, funding, or changing the use or appearance of a location, etc.  


~A NYS statute that became law 8/1/1975.

~SEQR information is found in Article 8 of the New York Environmental Conservation Law.

~SEQR regulations provide a guideline for local officials to ensure compliance with SEQR.

~Regulations are found in Part 617 of the New York Code of Rules and Regulations.

~SEQR regulations are posted online @