Town Of Brutus
 Record Requests 

Birth-Death-Genealogy-Marriage & Public Information (FOIL) requests

Registrar of Vital Statistics
Angela M. Skellington
Phone: (315)834-9398
Website: /

The Registrar of Vital Statistics is responsible for the maintenance and issuance of all birth, death, genealogy and/or marriage records that fall within the Town of Brutus and a limited amount of records from the Village of Weedsport.  The NYS Public Health Law establishes that each city, village and town constitutes a vital statistics registration district and must register and maintain records related to all births, deaths, marriages that occur within the jurisdiction.  (State hospitals, Charitable or Penal Institutions may also serve as registration districts.) 


Cities, towns and villages that conduct this function may charge up to $10 per certificate issued.

Deputy Registrar
Vicki L. Hickey
Phone: (315) 834-9398
Website: /
Both the Registrar and Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of New York to faithfully and accurately perform duties as required by the Registrar and Deputy Registrar.   


·Applicants are able to get a marriage license anywhere within New York State.

·Applicants are able to get married anywhere within New York State.

·Both individuals must be present with the following required documentationBIRTH CERTIFICATES (Baptismal Record and/or Naturalization Record) and DRIVER'S LICENSES (Non-Driver's License, Passport and/or Student ID) and ALL PREVIOUS MARRIAGES/DIVORCES showing that each divorce was recorded/filed at the applicable County Clerk office with a stamped date AND raised seal on each. (A certified death certificate is required if a former spouse died during the marriage.) 

·Be prepared with the correct spelling of birth parents' names (Mother's maiden name? Born in the USA? Father's name? Born in the USA? etc.).

·Once the marriage license is obtained, a marriage cannot occur until 24 hours has passed. 

·The marriage license is good for 60 days.

·A marriage license costs $40 which must be paid by cash, check or money order.

·Please expect to be at the Town Municipal Building for approximately 30 minutes.    


This form is required for any official record request for public access, related to the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).