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The Town of Brutus has started an "ALERTS" system to inform residents of any locally important news.  These alerts could be Town Hall emergency closings, local Cayuga County Health Department warnings, a temporary change in office hours or any number of items that might come up.  Participation is completely voluntary and if you would like to sign up to receive these alerts simply enter your email address below in the box provided and follow instructions.

September 19, 2017
Building codes/building permits are intended to provide the minimum requirements for health, safety and general welfare of the public.  Everyone is entitled to a liveable, sanitary, safe environment.  These rights must be enforced in a consistent manner.  Sanitation, adequate lighting, ventilation, energy conservation, security and safety, along with protection from fire and other hazards are an important concern for all Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer departments of each and every municipality.  Building codes, mechanical codes, plumbing codes, energy codes, electrical codes, are mandatory NYS Codes of building construction. 
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